Stop Sacrificing Your Store Profits.

Make Your Paid Traffic Campaigns Stretch Further By Leveraging Your Biggest Asset: The Relationship With Your Email List

Many eCom brands know that, to grow their revenue, paid traffic is a viable strategy. Paid traffic starts the revenue train. Most importantly, it is fast. You can start a paid traffic campaign today and see immediate revenue increases tomorrow.

However, after overseeing millions of dollars in paid traffic campaigns, it’s my observation that paid traffic is just step one in creating a profitable store. Sadly, more sales does not equal more profit (Ask me how I know…lol).

The second step in the creation of a profitable store is leveraging your assets. These assets take many forms. Email lists, SMS lists, Messenger lists or social communities.

After working with over 50 million dollar+ brands, we have seen that email will give you the biggest return on time invested.

Unfortunately, many eCom brands ignore email (or they do email inconsistently) and, as a result, leave 10-30% of annual revenue on the table.

The Myth of Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic is the easiest part in growing your revenue online. There is no shortage of training programs that can help you do that. The problem is, despite all the training, paid traffic is not always profitable.

I believe that the best way to make your paid traffic more profitable (and by extension, make your business more profitable) is to leverage your greatest asset: your email list.

Quick story: in 2014 I started building businesses online with Facebook ads. Back then, paid traffic was cheap. Nobody was using it. I made huge mistakes. But, despite the mistakes, I was still profitable. (In hindsight, they were not mistakes, they were train wreaks.)

Today in 2021, the cost of paid traffic has increased by 958% since 2014. You can do everything right in your paid campaign, and still be in the no-profit zone. Having said that, if you leverage email properly, you can pull yourself into the profit zone.

Many eCommerce brand make the mistake of focusing a lot of time, money and effort on getting more traffic to their product pages. They neglect the fact that more traffic doesn’t always equate to more sales. I call this the “brute force” growth strategy. Your revenue will grow, for sure. But your profit will remain hidden from your bank account.

If you take anything from this article, please take this: focusing too much time on TODAY revenue and ignoring PROFIT is not a long term business model. The goal is profitable growth, not traffic. (Unless you are running a hobby store. In which case, I am your biggest supporter. Go you!)

Here, my friends, is the greatest contradiction in online store growth: Grow revenue now or grow profit? Which do you choose? With email in your corner, you can have both.

On the next page, I will show you how you can use email to add an extra 25% – 40% in annual revenue, without spending more on advertising (aka – profitable growth). Before that, let me show you the two reasons you are losing money in your online sales:

  1. If you neglect to build relationships with customers, you miss the opportunity to turn them into fans and repeat customers.
  2. If you completely ignore the people who come to your sales pages that take no action. You are neglecting to build a relationship with 80%-90% of your target market.

This suggests one thing: to grow profitably, focus on building better relationships with your leads and customers.

In my experience, better prospects are created through relationship-building emails. Better prospects become better customers. Better customers buy more. They buy more often. And they tell their friends to buy more and more often. That is why I call them BrandFans.

To build BrandFans, we use what I call The Conversion Ecosystem™.

We have used The Conversion Ecosystem to completely transform online businesses. Let me show you how to activate the important first step…

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